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Increase fire resistance of concrete. Lower concrete density. Reduce thermal conductivity of concrete. Non-toxic (environmental free). No animal protein.
Simplify works, Stable Foam, Better workability, Reduce materials cost of concrete, Reduce concrete weigh,t Smoother concrete surface,
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Foam Additive

  • Simplify works
  • Stable Foam
  • Better workability
  • Reduce materials cost of concrete
  • Reduce concrete weight
  • Smoother concrete surface
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  • 1pack(100g) of RBM Foam Additive dilute with water and pour in RBM Foam Generator Water ratio to is minimum 1:10kg maximum 1 :40kg
  • After that,RBM Foam Generator can generate 2000 to 5000 times of foam depend the ratio use to the RBM Foam Additive.
Increase fire resistance of concrete

Lower concrete density

Reduce thermal conductivity of concrete

Non-toxic (environmental free)

No animal protein

Foam Additive brochure, view here