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READY-TO-USED POWDER ADMIXTURE WITH THE ADVANCED RBM TECHNOLOGY. Simplify works Better workability. Better pumping. Increase the concrete flowability. Smoother concrete surface.
Additive Plasticizer, Water Reducer (reduce shrinkage), Non-toxic(environmental free),
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Easy Flow Addictive

easy flow_adictive_01
easy flow_adictive_02

Ready-to-used powder admixture with the advanced RBM Technology.

  • Simplify works
  • Better workability
  • Better pumping
  • Increase the concrete flowability
  • Smoother concrete surface
  • Additive:Plasticizer
  • Water Reducer(reduce shrinkage)
  • Non-toxic(environmental free)
  • 1pack of RBM easy flow for 1 bag of 50kg OPC.
  • Apply on contained chipping stone, aggregate, stone, quarry dust mortar to able perform casting, pumping & longer slump retaining application..
  • If contacted with skins,wash with plenty of water.
  • If contacted eye,seek treatment immediately.