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The machine is built in with the foam generator with an amazing capacity that generate 600 liters of foam per minute. POWERFUL PUMPING SYSTEM. Ability to pump up to 35 Storeys height (125m). AUTO BATCHING SYSTEM Built-in with Load Cell System for auto materials batching to produce consistence mixture according to formulation settings. REDUCE LABORS. Machine require five(5) workers for concrete process.
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3 in 1 Foam Concrete Machine (RBM-2000)

RBM 3 in 1 Foam Concrete Machine Model:RBM-2000 (Patent Granted MY-133290-A) is a multi-function machine that integrated with SMART & INNOVATIVE technologies for different type of application & comply with building requirement in green, systematic and energy efficient way.


The machine is built in with the foam generator with an amazing capacity that generate 600litres of foam per minute ,there also a conveyor to delivery raw material for processing concrete ,RBM-2000 special design with an auto weighing scaling system to control all the material require automatically according to the formulation setting ,RBM-2000 has a powerful mixer which meets different type of concrete mixing needs and a high-tech pumping system that can delivery concrete up to 35storeys(125m vertical) with the output 7.5m3/hr.

Quality Guarantee

Mixing ratio can be control

Every batch of mixture is consistent

Stone and unnecessary can be filtered away

Small number of workers

Minimum workers are 3 people

Maximum workers are 5 people

It can be either skilled or unskilled workers

Time Save

The machine can produce one batch of mixture within 2 to 3 minute only

Ready mix concrete truck

Concrete truck does not require

High profit

It can pump out 7.5m3 of foam concrete per hour

High production, high profit

Mobile Crane

RBM-2000 can pump the foam concrete up to 35 storeys (125m height)

Infill foam concrete into formwork for Solid external, internal wall/Solid Partition wall

Infill EPS foam concrete into solid internal wall. Solid Partition wall

Spray plastering, Conveying Plaster Mortar

Infill reinforcement chipping concrete/design mix into column/slab/.wall(Grade 20-35)

Floor screeding (self-leveling concrete), Water Proofing, Grouting

Laying bricks, Tile Works, Repair Works

Machine Engine

Concrete Mixer          : 4kW, 380V – 415V, 50Hz

High tech Pumping  : 7.5kW, 380V – 415V, 50Hz

Conveyor                    : 0.75kW, 380V – 415V, 50Hz

Speed range:             : 40rpm – 80rpm


Machine Performance

Concrete Output      : 0 – 7.5m³/hr

Pumping Distance   : 125m vertical, 250m horizontal


Safety Protection

Pump System           : Engine Cooling System, Grease Oil

Mixer                         : Safety Cover, Dust control sheet

Foam Generator      : Pressure gauge, Electrical Valve, Safety Valve

Fordable Conveyor : Protection Cover

Filtering Board        : Filter particles above Ø 8mm

Machine Capacity

Mixer Tank Volume          : 650 liters

Hopper Tank Volume       : 650L

Foam Generator Volume : 650L

Air Compressor Volume  : 300L


Foam Generator

Operating Air Pressure   : 6bar

Foam Output                    : 600 Liters / min



Belt                                     : High Stress Rubber

Width                                 : 0.35m

Length                                : 7.00m



Overall length                   : 2.50m

Overall width                    : 1.50m

Overall height                   : 1.66m

Overall Weight                 : 980kg

(All above component built in with overload jump switch)

RBM – 2000 brochure, view here